fly-in-love 飛天情書


fly-in-love” (飛天情書), a work by Lee Ka-sing produced in August 2023, on the occasion of “Desire to Fly” (想飛) an exhibition at GATE 33 GALLERY, AIRSIDE, Hong Kong (September 14 to October 31, 2023).

A poem written with 193 photographs in sequential order, “fly-in-love” is a variation based on a fictional photograph Lee made in 2010. A piece of original work created in the format of a book (428 pages, 8x10 inch, softcover). Distributed as a book-on-demand. Maximum print-runs of the first edition (Exhibition Edition) limited to fifty copies.

Order “fly-in-love” first edition (Exhibition Edition, 428 pages, 8x10 inch, softcover) at BLURB (CAN$150, plus shipping)

Download pdf ebook edition at OCEAN POUNDS online shop (US$10)


Browse flip book edition (complimentary during the exhibition period)

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